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Bar Drink Menu

Our drink menu was created to serve a wide range of customers with interests and desires as diverse and complex as our own. You can get nearly any drink imaginable from one of our friendly and professional bartenders, whether it's something as simple as a bottle of Heineken or as complicated as our signature Bob Marley drink pictured above. When you come into DaBomb Sports Grill in Lithonia, you can expect UNFORGETTABLE food, drinks, and entertainment. Come on out today to experience it for yourself!

$5 Drinks and Wings & Fries Special NOON to 9 p.m. Daily 

House Rum $5.00
Vodka $5.00
Gin $5.00
Tequila $5.00
Amaretto Sour $5.00
Sex On The Beach $5.00
Tequila Sunrise $5.00
Apple Martini $5.00
Amsterdam Peach $5.00
Amsterdam Berry $5.00
Amsterdam Pineapple $5.00
Dabomb Margarita $5.00
Fire Ball Shots $5.00
Danny Glover Deep Eddy Tea $5.00
6 pc WINGS and fries $5.00
Peach Sunrise Martini $5.00
Fireball Shots $5.00
Meukow Cognac $5.00
DaBomb Classic Margarita $5.00
Apple Martini $5.00

Bucket of Heineken Beers

Domestic Beers

• Budweiser
• Bud Light
• Bud Lime

• Coors Light
•Ice house  tm

Imported Beers

• Red Stripe
• Guinness
• Corona
• Heineken

Draft Beers

• Dos XX
• Yuengling
• Bud Light
• Shock Top

• Pabst Blue Ribbon


• Ace of Spades
• Moet Rose
• Moet White Star
• Pink Moscato
• House Champagne


• White Zinfandel
• Riesling
• Moscato

• Chardonnay
• Merlot